A breakthrough tech to recreate in vitro organs
Our BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture technology reproduces the natural microenvironment of any human organ or tissue of interest
Ensures more predictive results from artificially created cellular environment studies.
Reduces the time and costs of the drug discovery research and development process
Provides lab-reconstructed skin replacing cosmetic tests on animals
Recreates efficiently grow-lab meat for human consumption

Our technology
About us
HCS Pharma is a biotechnology company that develops and distributes products to grow and process either human or animal cells in an artificially created organ-like environment. Its technology is based on a 3D cell culture system that better replicates the biological environment allowing better results for research and testing. HCS Pharma's leading product is BIOMIMESYS® HydroscaffoldTM which is offered to their customers from diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic, and agri-food industries.
Our technology
BIOMIMESYS® is a ground-breaking 3D technology that enables the faithful reproduction of the microenvironment (called Extra-Cellular Matrix) of any organ, healthy or cancerous. It is also the only ready-to-use organ-specific 3D technology based on natural components and usable in high throughput settings.

Current 2D technologies return a 90% failure rate on new drugs testing, BioMIMESYS 3D technology will make it a 90% successful rate.
Our solutions
Regenerative Medicine
Cell Therapy
Drug Discovery
Cultivated Meat
* synthetic methods which mimic biochemical processes (Source)
$8.5 Billion
by 2026*
Biomimetic market focused on Regenerative Medicine is estimated to reach
BIOMIMESYS® technology allows you to spend less time and fewer resources on lab-grown human organs reproduction.
Slow development in lab-grown human organs industry due to the current inefficient technology
* synthetic methods which mimic biochemical processes (Source)
$8.5 Billion
by 2026*
Biomimetic market focused on Cell Therapy is estimated to reach
BIOMIMESYS® technology recreates the right stable environment to keep cells alive, to let them grow, and to differentiate them
Lack of technologies able to recreate functional life being systems, not allowing cells to grow
$15 Billion
by 2026
3D Cell Culture Market in Drug Discovery is estimated to reach
BIOMIMESYS® allows the study of drug molecules in environments more similar to the human body reducing trials failure
Lack of functional lab-grow cellular environments which leads to continuous failure on drug trials
$4.1 Billion
Artificial skin market is estimated to reach
BIOMIMESYS® is the only technology able to recreate all layers of the skin from young or old people
Banning testing on animals and poor development on lab-reconstructed skin affects cosmetic production
$518 Million
by 2026
Biomimetic market focused on Clean Meat is estimated to reach
BIOMIMESYS® low-cost and effective solution is capable to boost the industry keeping high standards on production feasibility and taste
High prices, low supply, and non-functional technology halt this industry development and its need to tackle climate change
Our achievements
Letters of Interest
Scientific papers
Key Start-Ups Company - Partnering and Medical Innovation Award 2021
France’s Research and Development tax credits allows the awarded companies, usually focused in deeptech area, to boost their Research and Development process.
The status of Young Innovative Company (JEI) recognize young companies very active in R&D. this distinction is given by the french ministry of research.
Key Start-Ups Company - Partnering and Medical Innovation Award 2021
France’s Research and Development tax credits allows the awarded companies, usually focused in deeptech area, to boost their Research and Development process.
The status of Young Innovative Company (JEI) recognize young companies very active in R&D. this distinction is given by the french ministry of research.
R&D projects (7)
Research (10)
Commercial (6)
Financial (4)
As we develop our own biological models, R&D is the heart of our company. We strongly believe in cooperation and we are part of several programmes:
Our Team
Executive Team
Business team
Scientific Board
Nathalie Maubon
Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer
22 years in R&D in pharmaceutical research
Elodie Vandenhaute
In Vitro Pharmacology Project Manager
13 years of experience in R&D in cellular biology
Zied Souguir
Senior Scientist, Biomaterial Department Manager
20 years of experience in R&D in biometrical chemistry
Gregory Maubon
Chief Development Officer and IA Project Leader
22 years of experience
in IT/Digital field
Joseph Chou
30+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and BD in Tokyo Future Style
Mathieu Laouenan
33 years of experience in BD, General Manager of Waters in Asia
Fabienne Berthet
PhD, more than 15 years of experience in IP and BD in Healthcare
Patrick Squiban
34 years of experience as Medical Director in pharma & biotech
Luc Merquen
PhD, 28 years of experience in In Vitro Preclinical Research in Sanofi
Emmanuel Montet
MBA, 27 years of experience in global industrial operations Asia Pacific
PhD, IPS Expert
PhD, BBB Expert
PhD, Biochips Expert
MD, PhD, Neurologist
PhD, Oncology Expert
MD, PhD, Oncologist
MD, PhD, Neurology & Oncology
PhD, Hepatic infection and liver disease expert
Our Vision for 2031
Developing and deploying diverse specific BIOMIMESYS® models categorized by:
Renal Fibrosis
Liver Fibrosis
Adipose tissue
Our technology
Leading technology in the field of 3D Cell Culture, with applications in almost all fields of Life Sciences, Food production, and Dermo-cosmetology industries.
Global supplier in 3D Cell Culture technologies
Major supplier of lab-grow human cell/tissues/organs
Leader in Cultivated Meat industry
Strong player in Drug Discovery industry
Investor relations
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